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Pemba Support Ireland (PSI)

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Pemba Support Ireland (PSI)


PSI is a registered charity (CHY 19162). It was set up in 2010


Mission of PSI:                                                                                                                                                        

1. to work in partnership with the people of the Pemban Community, Tanzania,

2. to develop and complete sustainable community projects,

3. to enable the people of Pemba to achieve an improved quality of life based on their values &

4. to enable them become the authors of their own development.  


PSI will endeavour to achieve these goals in a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect with one another and with the people of the area. This partnership will enable members of ‘Pemba Support’ to further develop skills and a deeper cultural understanding.



PSI has many projects in Pemba - some finished, some ongoing and many being prepared. PSI volunteers work in Pemba for a two week period - their next visit is during October 2017. Suitable projects are identified through a needs-analysis done in partnership with

the Pemban Community, Tanzania.



PSI adheres to the Irish Development NGOs Code of Corporate Governance and the Dochas Code of Conduct. PSI strives to make the Governance Code deliver for our Charity.