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Michunguani Village: 


PSI supplied an outboard engine to this isolated community

Special needs family in Michunguani


Fahmi (3) can walk with support;

Hakim (7) is weak and walks poorly

Fatuma (20) has curvature of the spine and can't sit up

PSI supplied a wheelchair to this family February 2013

These are 3 of the 11 children of fisherman Mohd Mussa Omar

The 'boys' from Michunguani village


Many of these children do not go to school but they help with the fishing.

Life in Michunguani


Michunguani is a densely populated village. It has no road, no car and few facilities.

The village conveys an air of depression.

Very few children go to school.

They depend entirely on the sea for their livelihood