PSI Logo Pemba Island Makangale:
Goat & Ducks + Bothar Project Kizimbani Nursery School:
Books & Play Area Kizimbani Chickens
+ Tailoring Project Chake Community Centre:
with Church and rectory has been a symbol of Irish generosity in Pemba Makundeni Village with Leprosy Gongomawe Nursery School:
Sale of the 'The Peoples Prayers'  by students of Scoil Mhuire, Ennistymon,
sponsored this building. Michungwani Fishing Community:
PSI supplied engine for their boat Mkoani Womens' Crafts:
Education in handbag making
using local materials


Pemba Support Projects


The red dots on the map of Pemba indicate where 'Pemba Support Ireland' (PSI) have their projects


A 'mouseover' will identify the type of projects that PSI are working on, in that particular area.


A single click on a particular dot will open a page that describes that project.

Main object:  


The main object of ‘Pemba Support’ is the alleviation of poverty on Pemba Island using a multifaceted approach.


The body works in the areas of promotion of early childhood education, support of minorities (including small Christian communities, uneducated women and people with leprosy), providing  financial support for young people who have failed in the Government education system and helping local people to establish income generating projects.


To this end Pemba Support was established for charitable purposes in Pemba, through the provision of funds, equipment and skills.