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Makangale Goats:


These will produce milk,

meat and kids & above all,

a developing community.

Makangale Cows:


Preparing for and Managing

the arrival of Jersey cows in this area

will cause ground breaking change

.October Volunteers 2013


Pemba Support, in conjunction with Bothar, Heifer International and the people of Makangale, hopes to enable a great change during this visit, involving the displayed 6 projects viz, cows,goats,ducks,agriculture, bees and seaweed.

Makangale Ducks/Chickens:


This project could help meet some

of the urgent needs of locals when managed properly

Makangale Agriculture:


Tomatoes, is just one of the many

crops that this project could provide

Makangale Bees:


Abundant flowers in the Ngezi forest

will help the bees in the production of high quality, deicious tasting honey

Makangale Seaweed:


Growing seaweed on strings, and then picking and drying this plant can be hard work but the climate is very suitable for quick growth

Report on the Volunteers' Visit October 2013 


It was made clear to PSI from their first meeting with Heifer International, that we did not have the resources to undertake such an ambitious project. It was agreed to concentrate on the cow project and the other projects could follow, led by the most ambitious beneficiaries.


The project was explained to the Makangale people by Heifer International. Training of 30 farmers  on dairy cattle husbandry  took place in November. Shed building started in December and continued into January. 15 cows and a bull will be purchased and distributed in February.


The passing on of the gift of the first born heifer will take place in Nov 2014.


We wish the people of Makangale well in this project.